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Just2easy was founded in 2001 and the Just2easy Tool Suite is now in use in thousands of schools across the UK and the world. The tools have won many internationally recognised awards including the 2017 BETT award for best tool for teaching, learning and assessment.

Our software designers have been creating educational software since 1994 and we are passionate about bringing the best technology into education in forms that are easy yet powerful. Just2easy produces flexible software tools that allow children to be truly creative whilst they learn and enable teachers to focus on teaching and learning rather than on the software. We pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we have with our schools. Teachers using our products in the classroom often give us ideas to improve and enhance our software, input which we value greatly.

Overview of Tool Suite

The Just2easy Tool Suite is a collection of online educational tools specifically designed to engage, motivate, and inspire pupils to meet and exceed many elements of the National Curriculum.

The Tool Suite encourages pupils from Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 3 to create, share, and safely blog work at school and at home. It is also an effective resource for teachers, enabling file sharing, collaborative learning, and assessment and tracking.

J2launch is the landing page for the tools enabling management, distribution and sharing of any digital resource.
The ‘my files’ area gives teachers and pupils a dedicated space to upload work from tablets, phones, and laptops. This becomes an effective e-portfolio for the school.

The users’ views:

Tony Williams, Colmore Junior school: “The j2e Tool Suite comes into its own as a creative tool with multiple, original and easy to use features which excite the children and encourage them to produce high quality output.”

Barbara Jones, Lidget Green Primary School: “…the answer to our prayers… The software is intuitive to use and needs very little teaching, the children are enthused and experiment.”

Mike Prince, Staveley Primary: “Children of all ages take to it like ducks to water using it intuitively from the very start. We can start a new cohort of children off with a five minute introduction and leave them to fly.”

Orion Brice, Penboyr school: “…it is an outstanding, innovating, enjoyable and exciting on-line educational tool, which motivates our children to be creative … resulting in an effective learning progress.”