Innovation in Professional Development: collaborative classroom coaching with web-video and web-audio.

Stage 1: Evidence is emerging from the  first stage of research about how web-enabled synchronous coaching using in-ear audio and video recording can add to the effectiveness of professional development programmes. Most importantly, the teachers were expressing, almost unanimously, pride in taking ownership of their own learning agenda. They suggested that web based video has the potential to improve classroom practice and pupil achievement. An unexpected potential is also emerging that suggests that seeing videos of their classroom behaviour also has an impact on pupil achievement on parental attitudes.

  • Report of the First Stage of the Research (2015, PDF)
    “Innovation in Teaching and Learning: Using web enabled video technology to build professional capital through reflective practice, coaching and collaboration”.

Stage 2: The second stage digs more deeply into this evidence. MirandaNet conducted research commissioned by IRIS Connect into real-time In-ear Coaching as a tool for supporting teacher professional IRIS Stage 2development. The research was inspired by the anecdotal evidence of the the significant and positive impact that this method of coaching has had on the teaching practice of some teachers within the large community of IRIS Connect users.

The emergent findings of this qualitative study were presented in November 2015 at the 10th annual conference of the European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning in education and professional practice (EAPRIL) in Luxembourg. An inspiring discussion with the audience followed, including exchanges on literature research on this topic; shared views on the importance of the relationship between coach and coachee; the benefit of this method of coaching being part of an ongoing PD program supported by evidence-based feedback and reflection, rather than an isolated PD activity, and finally ideas and direction for the next phase of research.